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In Store Gaming

Please note: all in store gaming has been suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak


We have a dedicated gaming space at the rear of the shop, and plenty of extra tables that can be set out on the shop floor outside normal shop opening hours, allowing us to seat up to 40 people. The space is there for you to play games in. Whether you want to bring your own games with you, try out games from our library, or just turn up to see what’s going on, you will be very welcome. In Store gaming, and the communities that have grown up around our events are very important to us. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity of providing a venue for such a friendly, inclusive, and diverse spectrum of gamers.

As well a regular events like Friday Night Magic, and our free Open Gaming sessions on Wednesday evenings and some Sundays, we also run some unique and irregular events. We run family games days where children and parents can discover games that entire families can enjoy. We have frequent competitive tournaments for games that have organised play support, like Netrunner and Magic the Gathering, and X-Wing. There are Role playing events for popular systems like Pathfinder and ‘Dungeons and Dragons. We even hold occasional creative events where people can develop and share their own gaming projects, or take part in collaborative ones.

There are some facebook groups that you can request to join if you’d like to get to know some of our regulars or ask them any questions.

You can see a schedule of our upcoming events on our calendar.

We seek to provide a safe, inclusive environment, and will not tolerate harassment, discrimination, cheating, stealing, or any other kind of antisocial behaviour. The community is largely responsible and self regulating, so we rarely have to intervene. However, consistent disregard for our simple guidelines may result in a withdrawal of our invitation to use our premises. Our gaming space is not available for commercial or promotional use. Young children cannot be left unsupervised.


If you have any questions about events, our gaming space, and the in store community, please feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to help you.

Our in store gaming community is constantly evolving. We look forward to it’s continued success, and hope to see you here in someday!



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